Psychedelics or Mental Health Video Content Creators - Open Call

We are crowdsourcing video creators who can create highly-engaging social channel videos related to psychedelics and/or mental health for compensation.

On the following form you’ll be able to submit your video content idea, your skillset info, social or portfolio links, and discuss budget requirements. We’ll contact all creators who submit ideas we like or whose portfolios we like and want to collaborate with.  

PS: If you’re not a creator, but have a great idea for psychedelics or mental health social content, we have a contest offering a $500 reward for any novel idea for psychedelics-related social content that we select to run with!

Psychedelics or Mental Health Video Content Creators - Open Call

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Psychedelics or Mental Health Video Content Creators - Open Call

Terms and Rules:

Supermind is building platforms to support mental wellness. We are preparing to launch in Q3 2022 to expand beyond the current 10M+ annual visitors we serve. We believe psychedelics are a vital part of the future of psychiatry and mental health, with the potential to improve millions of lives. A huge part of  our mission is to accelerate awareness of the potential, and destigmatization, of psychedelics.  

We are crowdsourcing creators who can create highly-engaging social video content related to psychedelics and/or mental health for compensation on a contract basis.

Since time and energy required can vary wildly depending on the content production to be executed, the form submission process allows you to specify these needs, along with noting any additional resources you may require (i.e. you’re a video creator but would need a copywriter’s assistance).

Some examples of topics we care about:

  • Ethics in Psychedelic Medicine
  • Reciprocity
  • Sustainability
  • Decriminalization
  • Harm Reduction
  • Increasing Funding for Psychedelics Research
  • Medicinal Value
  • Integration (post-therapy / journey)
  • Increasing Accessibility to Therapy to Therapy
  • Demystification & Education
  • Balance of Soul & Science
  • Creating Community
  • Destigmatization of Mental Health Conditions & Psychedelics

Please note that we do have a large number of content ideas and concepts we are working on internally. If any submissions fall within our current, already assigned content production, they will likely not be considered. However, for all creators whose portfolios are impressive, we will seek to collaborate on other projects as we have a large need for novel and engaging content!

How Will Creators be Chosen and Notified?

The creator(s) will be initially contacted via social media direct messaging and/or email addresses provided on the sign-up form. If the creator(s) has not responded within 7 business days, we will reach out via phone if a number was provided.

Personal data, including phone numbers and email addresses, that are collected from the form submission will not be sold or shared.

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